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The Incubator

The Incubator is an (excellent) unfunded Belfast literary journal, edited by Kelly Creighton, Anne Caughey and Claire Savage. It has been very supportive of my writing, featuring my first printed piece and allowing me to read my work in public for the first time. In total, they have published six of my pieces, links below: is the brainchild of Irish writer Ruth McKee, and features artwork and fiction generated on a "rolling inspiration" basis. Ruth has also been very supportive of me, and three of my flash fictions have appeared on, links below:



The Launchpad

The Launchpad is an online litmag featuring new writing for children edited by NI writer Paula Matthews, initiated in 2015. Paula, too, also been very supportive of my work (there's a pattern emerging here of supportive, generous Irish woman writer/editors...). While I don't write much for children, as I find it deceptively difficult, one of my pieces appeared in The Launchpad's first issue and another in Issue 3.


Under The Bed - The Launchpad Issue 1

My Homework Ate The Dog - The Launchpad Issue 3

Dad's Stupid New Job -


Other Stories and Flash Fictions online


UK National Flash Fiction Day FlashFlood

Pointless Shiny Objects (2014)

No One Knows You Like Your Mother (2016)



An Encounter - Fiction 365 (USA)

The Visit (Vierailu) - HESA Inprint, in Finnish and English (Finland)

2016 & Beautiful Metaphor - Firefly Magazine (USA)


Micro Fiction

The Price of Everything -

Love's Old Dream -

1965 -















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